Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deborah Lippmann True Blood Sookie Sookie Nail Lacquer Set

One of my favorite book series and TV shows is True Blood, in truth I much prefer the books however I am always more than happy to take some time out of my busy life to sit down and watch the love triangle between Sookie, Eric, and Bill.  I love True Blood tie-ins (remember the Tarte and True Blood collection from fall 2012?  I still use that eye shadow palette at least one or twice a week and I wish that there would have been more products offered in that series).  I had been reading of a True Blood perfume that was going to come out last summer only for either QVC or HSN but I never saw any reviews or thoughts on the product and eventually forget about it.  But imagine how excited I was to see this current collaboration with True Blood - True Blood and Deborah Lippmann!  I love True Blood and I love Deborah Lippmann products - this is almost too good to be true!

There are so far two nail lacquer sets that I can find on the Nordstrom website, I don't remember seeing this sets advertised anywhere else and I know that I would not have missed them.  Deborah Lippmann polishes are among the best in quality and shade range that are available on the market today and I have used her polishes for years now.  The majority of her single polish shades were created with celebrities and now it comes as no surprise to me that with the release of the Snow White movie earlier this year, she is teaming up with popular television and movie teams to create more product tie-ins.

I have only seen these sets on the Nordstrom website so that is where all product information and shade descriptions will be coming from.  "Sookie Sookie features Human Nature and Fairydust. Inspired by the character, Sookie, from the award-winning series, True Blood®, these shades portray the duality of her character. Human Nature, a mortal putty taupe, represents Sookie's human half, while Fairydust, an ethereal shimmer, symbolizes her fairy counterpart."  If you are not a True Blood follower, Sookie is the main character in the series and she is half human and half fairy, giving her special telepathic powers.

Both of the shades in this set are not part of the regular polish line up so if you like one or both of them, I recommend purchasing this set.  Realistically, if you like the shades but know nothing about True Blood, then I just suggest that you ignore the tie-in and use these great polishes.  Deborah Lippmann makes wonderful nude and pale polish shades, they don't streak during application and last for almost an entire week with minimal tip wear.  I am very fond of both of these shades and I would purchase them even without the True Blood tie-in.  I believe that I can easily use both shades along and then also use Fairydust as a shimmer top coat to all shades of polish.

I just love that there are more ways for me to express how much of a True-bie I am!  I want this set and we will check out the other set within the next few weeks!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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