Saturday, October 6, 2012

China Glaze BCA Collection - United in Purpose

Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and many companies make special products to celebrate awareness and then to donate the proceeds to charity.  I have already seen some special facial skincare products from Clinique for BCA month and the NFL is producing all kinds of special jerseys for this month.  One of the companies that I hadn't seen many special products created for charity is China Glaze, I love this company and it is one of my top five favorite nail polish companies and I am so excited to have stumbled across the United in Purpose collection on their website!

China Glaze has brought us twelve new shades of pink lacquers, there is every single shade from super pale pink to a bright magenta and then two shades with full glitter finishes.  I will be picking up a few shades from this group since I love pink polishes and am always adding new pinks to my collection.  I bet that I will be putting a few of these aside for the next spring and summer since some of the shades are not what I prefer to wear this time of the year.  The pale shades are the only ones that I would wear at this point but I still plan to buy a bunch of shades from the lineup.

Here are the shades that are part of the BCA collection!

- Hello Gorgeous! - pink and silver glitter suspended in a clear base
- United - pink and gold glitter suspended in a clear base
- Heart of the Matter - deep magenta cream
- Beauty Within - bright magenta cream
- Live, Love, Laugh - bright bubblegum pink cream
- Exquisite - light pink shimmer
- Faith - pale neutral pink cream
- Always Be a Lady - pale cool pink cream
- Hopeful - very pale neutral pink cream
- Dare to Bare - very pale cool pink cream
- Angel's Breath - sheer pale neutral pink cream
- Pearls of Wisdom - pale cool pink tinged with gray

My favorite two shades are the glitter finish polishes, I don't need both of these shades so I think that I will choose the Hello Gorgeous! shade (the silver version) and I will wear this polish right now and I can actually see myself wearing it all throughout the year.  I am so excited for this shade, it is very unique and I own nothing like it at all.  I am hoping that I can layer it over other silver and pink polishes that are already in my collection.

It goes without saying that I would like to own and would use any of the pale pink hues.  If I had to decided on just a few, I would start my search with Always Be a Lady and Dare to Bare (the cooler pinks).  I will be happy with any of these shades and I will buy whatever shades are still left on the display next time that I go to Ulta.

photo courtesy of China Glaze's Facebook page

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