Friday, October 26, 2012

Bath and Body Works Golden Sugar Scrub

I have been adding a bunch of Bath and Body works holiday items to my piles of body and home fragrance products, I just simply can't resist when the holidays first come around and I always have to buy more Vanilla Bean Noel.  Then when I purchase more Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugar Plum, I always look at everything else and then add even more new products to my collection.  I am still waiting for the full collection of Forever Red products to come out, I will have a huge list of items that I want from this fragrance, only adding more products to my already huge collection.  While I am waiting for this fragrance, I picked up a new scrub formula that is featured in the Signature Collection.  Over the years, I have seen several different versions of scrubs in this collection but it seems like this company can never find one winning formula and then keep it in their collection.  I have all kinds of scrubs from this company and they are all so different, I still think that the Creamy Scrubs that were introduced in early 2011 were the best scrubs that this company had but I guess the majority of their shoppers didn't agree with me...

The Golden Sugar Scrub is the newest version of this product that has been added to the Signature Collection.  I love the Aromatherapy Sugar Scrubs so I was pretty excited when I saw this product for the first time and I hoped that it was similar in formula.  I bought this scrub in the ever-popular Japanese Cherry Blossom already and so that is the product description that I will use from the Bath and Body Works website.  "The softest way to smooth skin comes in our easy-to-use, no-mess squeezable tube! Our luxurious formula naturally exfoliates with sugar crystals and softens with apricot and sweet almond oils, leaving skin delicately scented with a seductive and mysterious floral blend inspired by the exotic gardens of Japan. Skin will look and feel irresistibly smooth after just one use! Massage onto skin, rinse and enjoy smooth skin and unforgettable fragrance.  Now available in convenient, no-mess squeezable tube!"

I normally prefer scrubs that come housed in tubs, I am not a fan of the formulas that are contained in tubes unless they foam up and I would use them instead of a body wash.  I wish that this formula was housed more like that in Aromatherapy, I have found that it is easier to control portions when I scoop product out of the tub and that that same amount of product will last much longer than the same amount housed in a tub.  Oh well, I can dream...

I used this scrub twice so far and it is a nice formula however I don't think that this is the answer to the scrub question that continues to haunt the Signature Collection.  This formula is a very abrasive sugar-based scrub with a good amount of oil in it.  It has less oil in than many other formulas, I can imagine many people preferring this type of texture however I tend to graivate toward sugar scrubs with lots of oil in them or formulas that are lighter than this one.  My skin is very dry and sensitive, esepcially going into the winter months, therefore this scrub is a bit too much for my skin and leaves it feeling a bit dry when I get out of the shower, something that never happens when I use the Aromatherary Sugar Scrubs.  If this product was a bit less abrasive then I really think that I would love it but my skin can't handle the slightly drier, abrasive texture of the product.

I saw this scrub available in quite a few fragrances.  Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moonlight Path, Cashmere Glow, Paris Amour, and Twilight Woods are all the fragrances that I believe that it currently comes in.  I doubt thaty I will buy any of the other fragrances in this formula, this is just not the type of scrub that is going to work well for me this winter.  I am in hopes that the Creamy Scrub comes out again this spring and I know that I will stock up on it as this one is turning out to the be the best formula for my skin.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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